Dr Seuss’s ABC

This became one of Thing One’s favourite books when he was about 8 months old and remained a long-running standby to recite for years afterwards, either as a picture book or just verbally, if he was having trouble falling asleep at night.

You wouldn’t believe that a book of the alphabet could be this much fun but the sheer joyful silliness of the words and pictures makes it memorable, funny and never dull to recite, no matter how many times you’ve read it (we all know being a parent is not easy, so such a book really helps!). G and I both found that we’d it memorised pretty quickly and, even now, we occasionally reel it off to one or the other child, in an attempt to sooth them to sleep with it’s rhythmic lull.

I also firmly believe that this book was responsible for Thing One’s first ever human words, “hooray!” and “fiffer feffer feff!” What more could a parent want?


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