Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book

For any parent, this book is worth its weight in gold. Not merely a bedtime story… it is unadulterated MAGIC.

Never mind trying to bore your child to sleep with that dreary tome about the rabbit who wanted to sleep. This story is far more fun to read and just as effective – and it won’t kill their love of books. It begins with the yawn of one tiny bug called Van Vleck, which gradually spreads throughout the land, sending everybody to sleep with a rhythmic, rhyming nonsense that is a lot of fun to read aloud.


Our copy was bought for Thing One by his auntie at Christmas, who had used it on her three kids and promised that nobody can stay awake beyond the end of this book. And she wasn’t kidding. For several months this book became a magic bullet to lull the boy to sleep EVERY single night. He even started to ask for it as soon as he was put to bed and pretty much zonked out by the final page every time. Hallelujah!


So as not to let it take over bedtime, I think it’s a great one to pull out as a ritual at the end of storytime, after you’ve finished reading whatever is flavour of the week and you’re ready to settle your child to sleep.


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