The Cat in the Hat, by Dr Seuss

It would be rude not to review the most famous Seuss of all. This (and its sequel, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back) happened to be my favourite Seuss books as a little girl and it seems to me now that the story of this very naughty cat has remained timeless.

Both stories are characterised by rhythmic rhymes and lots of silliness but this time with a little more plot and complexity, making them ideal for children who are old enough to empathise with the urgency of two small children trying to undo the cat’s chaos and mess before mummy returns home.  I am pretty sure I read this book to myself when I was older than five, but it also wakes a good one for reading aloud with younger children.


The cat himself is an interesting creation, lying somewhere between a menacing interloper and the funnest grown-up ever.  And as for those little balls of mischief, Thing One and Thing Two…  it is no accident that I nicknamed my kids after them.


Incidentally, for anyone with an iPad, there are several apps available for Dr Seuss books that let you record your own voice telling the story, for playback at will by your child.

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