About Us

About me

12316113_10100461102166585_644108888970733036_nI’m a ‘big kid’ living in Twickenham, West London. I love reading to my children and am a shameless reader of children’s and young adult books for my own pleasure. I also have a particular weaknesses for books with beautiful illustrations and fancy paper engineering.

I’ve started this blog as a spin off from my other parenting rambles, purely as a place to share my enthusiasm for kids’ books with others.

Guest reviews and book recommendations are also very welcome – just drop me a line!


About the kids

Thing1Thing 1.  Born June 2011. Also known as The Microbe, The Boybot and David Chattenborough.

At the time of starting this blog, Thing 1 had recently turned five. He is a fully paid up member of the world of book-love and adores being read to. He’s still very fond of picture books and loves anything by Dr Seuss but is developing an appreciation for longer novels and chapter books that span one or more weeks as bedtime stories.

We’ve yet to light the fire in his belly for reading fiction to himself. The books that he brings home from school rarely seem to float his boat. However, left to his own devices, he’ll happily lose himself for hours inside one of his huge, illustrated fact books about animals, dinosaurs or pond life.


Thing2Thing 2. Born in May 2015. Also known as Mildred Hubble and The Girlbot.

At the time of starting this blog, Thing 2 is a tiny tiddler who has yet to show any real preferences in life. Book love is just beginning to emerge and you can’t take her anywhere without her making a beeline for the nearest bookcase and taking them all off the shelves. (I’d like to say that she strokes them lovingly and flicks through the page… but as often as not she just sits and gnaws on them).

She’s also recently taken to hitting me with board books until I read them to her. Time will tell, but I suspect this one is going to have a wicked sense of humour.


About the reviews

These will be added sporadically, ranging from baby books all the way to teen & young adult fiction. I’ll also be including reviews of children’s theatre and book adaptations. In the first instance, the reviews will be written by me but, as the kids get older, they might like to write their own reviews… lets wait and see!

I’ll aim to indicate in each review whether the book was read by the child or to the child, along with a comment on how age appropriate it turned out to be for my two. I personally find there’s a lot of trial and error in choosing bedtime stories, when you’re all Julia Donaldson’d out but your four year old isn’t quite ready for The Trunchbull. If it helps, I’ll share my trials and errors here.

Regarding links to booksellers, I’ll give due credit where appropriate to the real life book shops that we support locally. However I realise not everybody lives in my neighbourhood so I may also include affiliated links to Amazon or other online booksellers. This will have no bearing on the honesty of the reviews. If it helps to pay for an extra kids’ book every now and then, that’ll be great. If it doesn’t, I will no doubt buy the books anyway!